Business assistance


We facilitate to our clients the administration of administrative tasks and tax liquidation, as well as provide our advice for the implementation of integral strategies that maximize the value of their business, complying with the legal norms in force in the country.


We create and develop effective management of your operations, and advise you to maximise the economic value of your investment in the company. In the development of these services, we offer the experience and credentials of our partners and the possibility of implementing strategic alliances with recognised specialist consultants in the country and the region.

Tax Credit

The existing modalities to recover the VAT Tax Credit, by means of a cash refund, require the filing of an application with the Internal Revenue Service, using the forms provided for each of these administrative requests.

Risk Management

We offer solutions to our clients in the process of managing the risks that affect their organisation, assuming them without fear, and taking advantage of the competitive advantages that lead companies to success.

Business Process

Economically advantageous solutions to our clients for the design, implementation and operation of accounting, financial and administrative functions, with experienced professionals who can localise their efforts for the success of their business.


  • IPS employer registration.
  • MTESS employer registration.
  • HR search and selection process.
  • Monthly payroll settlement.
  • Preparation of labour documents.


  • Import & Export Assistance
  • Management for obtaining digital signature registration.
  • Management for obtaining registration as importer and/or exporter.
  • Coordination of import and export logistics.
  • Issuing and taking out surety policies.


  • Business start-ups and sales.
  • Monthly legal advice.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Drafting and review of contracts.
  • Entry in the corporate books.
  • Corporate verification and regularisation.
  • Meetings and publications of companies.


  • Analysis from the database
  • Automated reporting
  • Reports in power BI and power Pivot
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